Kate Hastings

Communitas: The Art & Business of Building Community Excellence

Kate Hastings & Associates uses a unique process to help groups, communities, and municipalities build the basic foundation on which successful signature festivals and events find support to flourish. Based on 30 years of successful performance, the process includes research, interviews, group facilitation, mentoring, training, and collaboration that results in designing authentic and powerful festivals and events that build community excellence.

Events & Festivals: Necessary for Community Quality of Life & Good for Business!

Festivals and events are an important part of people’s lives and important to the growth and prosperity of our communities. A vibrant, healthy community is one that works together to find ways to interact, learn from each other, contribute to a greater common good, and have fun.

Through a context of celebration, signature festivals and events provide the vehicle for community development that enhances both quality of life and local economics in the following ways:

  • Celebrations are major contributors to a community’s quality of life by serving as catalysts for preserving tradition and cultural heritage and by bringing people together for new experiences that create bonds of community pride and fun memories.

  • Celebrations provide opportunities for citizen involvement through volunteerism and participation. The byproduct of involvement is the legacy of a skilled volunteer citizenry who enjoy working together for the greater good of the community at large.

  • Celebrations can be a catalyst for providing new or improved infrastructure in the form of community facilities that may not be possible to develop under normal community circumstances.

  • Celebrations can be positive vehicles for enhancing a community’s public image locally, regionally, nationally, and even internationally through careful positioning strategy and implementation.

  • Celebrations result in economic benefit by generating tourism and destination spending, opportunities for merchants to offer special promotions and cross promotions, and the purchase of event-related goods and services.

Public & Private Space Programming and Management Programs


Public and private spaces can provide the venues that foster a sense of place, provide a welcome and comfortable atmosphere for citizens and visitors, and create the activation needed to drive a vibrant and memorable community environment. Through the time-honored techniques of providing degrees of interest in your community, you can offer the full spectrum of interest that draws public attention and involvement, from passive observation to interactive levels of involvement, to active involvement. Planned management of even the smallest spaces can bring people together for collective experiences that result in a word of mouth brand identification for your community that determines the public’s future interest.

Our senses determine how we shape our memories. What people experience from sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch determines whether they remember a place positively or negatively. It’s in the best interest of communities to plan for positive experience! Spaces can provide simple elements of surprise, emotional transition, entertain and create fun, and define uniqueness of place.

Kate’s direct experience in space programming can help your community by energizing everyday experience and creating lasting memories of your unique community.

Experience Counts!

Consulting – Guidance, planning and economic vitality for nonprofits, downtowns, municipalities, theaters and events

Presenting - More than 100 professional Broadway touring shows & concerts providing marketing, box office management, youth education services

Producing - More than 300 public festivals, events, and celebrations, including live televised parades, music festivals, championship athletic events, theater projects, live theater, motor sports, cultural and neighborhood celebrations

Creating - Award-winning festivals and events, including start-up planning and organization, development of youth arts education programs, civic and community programs, membership organizations

Fundraising - Sponsorship assessment and development, earned-income programs, grants and gifts; up to $10 million/year; development of public/private partnerships

Volunteer Systems - creator of “Spirit Corps” recruiting, training, and management system used by NCAA, City of Seattle, and others across the country