Kate Hastings


Businesses never plan to fail, but they frequently fail to plan, thereby increasing their odds of failing and putting too much demand on resources. Whether your company provides a product, a service, or both, good planning that provides continuity across all of your departments is essential to development of a healthy and successful business.

The first step in planning is to be clear about what results you expect. That’s not always easy when you’re immersed in a world of detail and it’s hard to “see the forest for the trees.” Kate Hastings & Associates can help by first working with you to clarify your objectives, and by helping you identify internal and external conditions favorable to accomplishment of those objectives.

Kate has worked with many companies to help them develop business plans that increase their bottom lines. In addition, she has written industry-specific proposals that won awards of new business clients. Through facilitated investigation, she begins with a first-things-first approach:

Status Assessment to Determine What’s Possible:

Strengths – assess talent, interest, motivation, reputation, body of work for advantages (internal and external)

Challenges – communication, organization, opportunity, relationships, listening, internal systems, consistent positioning, agenda alignment (vision collision), leadership and mentoring, continuity problems which create disadvantages (internal and external)

Opportunities – competition in market category; advantages to exploit

Threats – potential trouble spots

Maximize Strengths & Minimize Challenges:

Based on assessment results, Kate will help your company develop plans that maximize what you do best, taking advantage of both internal and external opportunities and advantages. She’ll help you minimize challenges when either internal or external factors could threaten the odds for your best return on investment.